Benefits of a Pre-Approval

Congratulations on deciding to purchase a home in the San Fernando Valley area!  Whether you are buying a home in Granada Hills, Northridge, Sylmar, Panorama city, or in neighboring cities a mortgage loan “pre-approval” is the first step on this journey and there is a wide range of benefits you may not have even thought about.

First, it tells a seller that you are a serious buyer and they should consider the offer you submitted.  Many sellers will refuse to show their home unless you’ve been pre-approved, let alone accept your offer to purchase.  The pre-approval is the key to get you in the door.

Beyond that, the preapproval tells you how much of a home you can purchase.  You don’t want to look at $250,000 homes when you could be looking at $450,000 and vice versa.  Also, you will get an idea of what your monthly payment will look like at these different price points.

Also, most of us are not perfect, and there are often issues that need to be corrected.  The preapproval process will identify those and will give us an opportunity to work together to fix anything that needs to be addressed.

Everyone is curious what their credit report and credit scores look like, including me.  This process allows us to review your credit report and discuss how your credit scores impact your interest rate.  If there is room for improvement, we can consider those steps as well.  I have been able to provide directions on how to increase my client’s credit scores so they can save a ton of money on interest costs.

And last, but certainly not least, the pre-approval process gives you an opportunity to explore the various loan programs available to you and allow you to select the one that works best for your overall financial picture. Make sure you complete the mortgage pre-approval process today.  You’ll be happy you did! Apply for a Quick, Easy, and Secure Loan NOW!